PSPS - Pension Services in the Federal Public Service Preparation


Program Duration

40 weeks


  • Communicate effectively with clients (or their representatives), co-workers, and supervisors
  • Write messages that are clear, precise, linguistically correct, and adapted to the context (correspondence to be forwarded to clients, documentation to be filed, etc.)
  • Apply numeracy skills to carry out certain tasks related to the work of pension specialists
  • Understand the terminology and basic concepts associated with pensions and retirement plans
  • Conduct research and collect and process information in a conscientious, uniform, and rigorous manner
  • Use software and information technologies to perform the work with care and precision
  • Learn good data entry techniques for alphanumeric and numeric keyboards
  • Work in cooperation with others to achieve organizational goals
  • Adapt so as to work effectively with various persons and groups in changing or ambiguous situations
  • Adopt professional conducts

Admission Profile

Profile A
  • High School Diploma (regular courses, modified courses, or a combination of both) or Adult High School DiplomaOr
  • “Diplôme d’études secondaires (PCE—see notes 4 and 5)”Or
  • “Certificat en compétences essentielles appliquées au programme (PCEA)”Or
  • GED
Details related to admissions
  1. Any transcript containing adapted level or “Programme de compétences essentielles au marché du travail (PCEMT) ” courses will be subject to additional assessment.
  2. Applications from individuals 21 years or older who do not have a high school diploma will be subject to additional assessment.
  3. An individual who has completed mathematics courses prior to the new mathematics paths A, B, and C, should consult the guidance counsellor of the CCNB campus where the program is offered in order to determine eligibility toward the chosen program.
  4. The “Programme de compétences essentielles (PCE)” is a specific high school path which prepares the student for enrollment in one or several pre-established programs leading to one or more trades.
  5. The application of an individual who has obtained a high school diploma with courses from the “PCE”, and who wishes to change to another field of training, will be subject to an additional assessment.

Subject Areas

  • Written communication techniques
  • Verbal communication techniques
  • Applied mathematics
  • Pension terminology
  • Research and information collection and processing techniques
  • Problem-solving and decision-making techniques
  • Adaptability and continuing improvement
  • Professional behaviour
  • Teamwork
  • Digital and information technology
  • Keyboarding techniques

Additional Training Informations

  • Learning activities, textbooks, reference books, and software in the English language will be used in this program
  • Student enrolled in this program will have to deal with the realities of the profession:
  • Language Requirements

Sanction of studies

Upon successful completion of the prescribed curriculum, the student will receive a certificate in Pension Services in the Federal Public Service Preparation.

Student Profile

  • This program may be of interest to the person who:
    • Likes working in an office;
    • Likes working with people;
    • Likes working with numbers;
    • Likes communicating and informing;
    • Likes planned and organized work;
    • Likes working with information technology tools and office equipment;
    • Is detail oriented, methodical, and social;

Employment Opportunity

Upon successful completion of the training program, graduates may become apprentices at the pension centre and eventually access positions as pension specialists.

Targeted careers :
  • Other customer and information services representatives

Program Structure

  • Writing Administrative Texts (Preview)
  • Basic Concepts of Pension and Pension Plans (Preview)
  • Keyboarding Techniques I (Preview)
  • Keyboarding Techniques II (Preview)
  • Applied Numeracy - Office Work (Preview)
  • Information Collection and Processing (Preview)
  • Teamwork and Professionnalism (Preview)
  • Improvement and Adaptation (Preview)
  • Pension Services in the Public Service Practicum (Preview)
  • Digital and Information Technology (Preview)
  • Oral Communication and Customer Service (Preview)

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