• A Micro-certification is a certification of skills or a component of a formal qualification.
  • It can be broken down into smaller thematic units called microcredentials. A set of stackable microcredits can be used to obtain a micro-certification.
  • The length of a micro-certification course ranges from 135 h to 405 h (3 to 9 units)


Why sign up for a micro-certification?
  • to have my skills recognized;
  • move towards a career change;
  • develop new skills required by employers in areas of high demand in New Brunswick;
  • offer more flexibility in learning.


Targeted training allows you to:

  • obtain a micro-certificate;
  • re-enter the labour market;
  • pursue learning;
  • obtain a post-secondary diploma or certificate.
I am an employer looking to …
  • fill positions;
  • target qualified candidates;
  • respond to workforce recruitment challenges.


CCNB can :

  • Design a micro-certification in collaboration with your sector of activity and according to the skills sought in your workplace.
  • Assist in recruiting qualified candidates.
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