Language Courses for Newcomers

We offer FREE language training for newcomers in English or French. These courses offer basic language and employability skills to help immigrants integrate into Canadian society.

This program is financed by  


  • Permanent Resident
  • Convention Refugee or Protected Person
  • An individual in Canada whose application for Permanent Resident status is being processed in Canada and who has been informed by a letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) of the initial approval of the application
  • Holder of a Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET)


  • To network and communicate with members of your community
  • To increase your chances of finding a job
  • To pursue your studies at a francophone college or university
  • To obtain proof of language skill for the Canadian citizenship application (NCLC 4 or CLB 4 or higher)


Brochure CLIC-LINC (South region - NB)
Brochure CLIC-LINC (North region - NB)
Brochure CLIC-LINC (PEI)
Brochure CLIC-LINC (NL & Labrador)


The French language courses are offered across New Brunswick and in some other Atlantic Provinces. The English language courses are offered in Northern New Brunswick.

Here are the training services offered:

  • Literacy 
  • French Second Language (NCLC 1 to 7)
  • English Second Language (CLB 1 to 7)
  • Enhanced French (NCLC 5+) and English (CLB 5+) training for further studies or employment 
  • Mentoring

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Brochure Literacy and Numeracy - FR
Brochure Literacy and Numeracy - ENG


This free face-to-face training will help you acquire the right basics in Literacy and Numeracy, suach as: 

  • Learn the alphabets and basic pronunciation in French or English
  • Learn to read, write and count
  • Understand or read basic words useful in everyday life

Take this part-time training adapted to your needs and according to your schedule.

This trainind is offered in French or English in the northern region of NB and in French only in the southern region of NB.



Consult the Mentoring Brochure!


Do you want to improve your French or English language skills related to your job? Our mentoring services will help you to: 

  • Use appropriate vocabulary related to your field of employment
  • Acquire language skills to communicate in everyday situations
  • Improve your oral and written communications in a professional context

Follow part-time training tailored to your needs and according to your schedule for FREE.

  • 2 hours per week for 10 weeks
  • Sessions in fall, winter, and spring (Places are limited!)


Consult the Brochure!


This program meets your personal language development needs and objectives related to your work environment.

You will develop self-learning strategies and discover tools that will allow you to learn English and improve your knowledge of French regionalisms in your activities outside the classroom. This training is offered with the support of a mentor who will guide you along the way!

January 2022!
Duration: 4.5h/week (10 weeks)
Delivery method: By videoconference
Target clientele: Francophone permanent residents (English level required: CLB 4+)


Consult the Brochure! - Level 1
Consult the Brochure! - Level 2


Acquire Essential French to Accompany your Children in School

Who's eligible?
Immigrants with permanent residence whose children are attending Francophone schools and daycares or in a school with a French second language immersion program

To help immigrant parents acquire basic French skills in order to accompany their children in the francophone school system. The course will take place once or twice a week

Level 1: January 2022!
Level 2: February 2022!


Consult the Brochure! (Southeastern)
Consult the Brochure! (North Region)


Who's eligible?
Citizens and newcomers of New Brunswick

Personalized goal based on language level, work sector, and program intensity.

  • Online classes
  • Language coaching
  • Engaging , real-world activities
  • Conversation circles, workshops, and more
  • Online learning platform
  • Regular progress feedback

For more information, contact: 
Chaleur: 506-548-4084
Miramichi: 1-833-998-2659
Northwestern: 506-735-2444
Acadian Peninsula: 506-726-2711
Restigouche: 506-759-6666

Consult the Brochure!


This program helps Internationally Trained Workers (ITW) improve their workplace communication skills and learn more about socio-cultural communication in their occupation. The program curricula will support ITW to explore viable options for work in the field for which they are trained or have experience.

Starting Soon!
Duration: 12-weeks
Target clientele: Internationally Trained Workers in Southeastern NB
Targeted Profession: Information Technology

For more information, contact:

These FREE online workshops will help you improve your French second language skills.


Find the workshop schedule and registration links here.


* The CCNB Language Learning Centre reserves the right to change the dates or the times or to cancel any workshop.