HSHA1011 - Food Safety - BASICS.fst® Certification

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This course will allow the student to develop the skills that ensure food safety and food quality, in accordance with the legislative standards in the food sector.


  • Understand the important aspects of food safety
    • Explain what is a food-borne infection
    • Distinguish the types of food contamination
    • List the methods for preventing food contamination
    • Describe the food safety principles
    • Recognize the potentially hazardous foods
    • Define the hazardous temperature zone
    • Determine the necessary conditions for bacterial growth
    • Explain the use of a thermometer to ensure food safety
    • Describe the cross contamination
    • Describe the flow of food, from the reception to the service
  • Understand the micro-organisms' caracteristics and their role in food deterioration
    • Describe the types of contaminating micro-organisms in food
    • Explain how micro-organisms multiply in food
    • Explain the role of bacteria in food poisoning, food contamination and food deterioration
    • Determine the conditions necessary for bacterial growth
  • Understand the food safety principles
    • Explain how to prevent the finding of micro-organisms in food
    • Explain the process of slowing the growth of micro-organisms in food
    • Describe the cooking techniques to eliminate micro-organism in food
  • Understand the regulation of food safety and public health inspections
    • Explain the importance of serving allergen-free food
    • Recognize common symptoms of a food allergy
    • Explain the steps to follow in case of an emergency concerning food safety
    • Describe the role of the municipal public health inspector
    • List the steps of a public health inspection

Aperçu du contenu

  • Role and characteristics of micro-organisms
  • Food journey
  • Personnal hygiene
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Food reception and storage
  • Food preparation
  • Handling dishes
  • Food service
  • Proper temperature for storing foods
  • Dangerous temperature zone
  • Food cooking
  • Food cooling
  • Food waiting
  • Food allergies
  • Food safety regulation

Renseigements additionnels sur la formation

The student who meets the conditions of the external body responsible for the training, receives a certificate of achievement recognized nationally. This certificate is valid for five years. The standard of success is determined by the external body responsible for the training.

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