Let's go on an Adventure!
Exploring the language through adventures in the community is an integral part of our programs. It provides an opportunity to discover the local culture and practice the target language on specific themes covered in class. Depending on the region, there is also a variety of activities to explore suach as visits to museums, world famous attractions, as well as seasonal activities.

Special Events
There are also many specials events and parties to bring the community together. The program coordinator can provide information on all the following adventures and social events available during your stay.

Sample Activities:

  • Experience the rise and fall of the world's highest tides at Hopewell Rocks
  • Hike the highest peaks of the Maritimes
  • Go diving, fishing and boating at the beautiful Atlas park
  • Learn everything about lobster fishing including how to cook it and then indulge in a mouth-watering lobster feast!
  • Go on a shopping expedition
  • Enjoy local music festivals
  • Go skating and sliding
  • Participate in the NB Amazing Race