FINA1063 - Financial Management of a Microenterprise



This course will allow the student to learn financial management of a microenterprise.


  • Know the required techniques for budgeting
  • Understand the importance of a budget in the operation of a company
  • Understand the importance of long-term financial planning
  • Understand the benefits of maintaining well-organized bookkeeping and using the advice of an accountant
  • Know different sources of funding
  • Understand the requirements related to loan applications
  • Assess the financial health of the company
  • Prepare a recovery plan
  • Know how to get paid by one's customers
  • Know the company's obligations regarding taxes, wages and payroll deductions
  • Know about legal regulations and documentation related to salaries and payroll employees

Aperçu du contenu

  • Budget: importance, development and support services
  • Long-term financial planning
  • Bookkeeping and services
  • Sources of funding and requirements related to loan applications
  • Company financial health analysis and recovery plan
  • Strategies to facilitate the payment by customers
  • Taxes: obligations, responsibilities and documentation
  • Wages and deductions: obligations, responsibilities and documentation
  • Entrée continue
  • 12 heures
  • 25,00 CAD
  • En ligne
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