Hydraulic Excavator Operation - Simulator Approach


Learning the basic techniques related to the operation of a mechanical hydraulic excavator in a mining environment in carrying out of learning scenarios on a simulator.


  • Practice the hydraulic excavator’s operation techniques on a simulator
    • Situate oneself within the simulator operator's station and environment
    • Achieve the performance criteria established for different scenarios related to the operation of a hydraulic excavator in a mining environment

Aperçu du contenu

  • Hydraulic excavator simulator operator's station: dashboard or LCD display, controls pedals (right and left), drive levers, gauges, switches, lamps, etc.
  • Technical data: characteristics, capabilities, limitations, uses, risks and dangers, warning and caution labels, effective modes of operation, etc.
  • Points of consideration related to the simulated operation of a hydraulic excavator: inspection of the machine, starting procedure, security (machine and environment), good practices, standards, modes of communication and shutdown procedure, etc.