BMGE1157 - Leadership Staff - Executives and Owner



This course will allow the student to acquire basic knowledge in microenterprise development and management.


  • Know the qualities, skills and competencies of a microenterprise’s executive or entrepreneur
  • Understand the importance of a business plan
  • Understand business planning across different schedules
  • Understand how to develop a business network
  • Know how to surround yourself with people that can help to achieve your dream as an entrepreneur
  • Know how to make a business succession planning

Content Overview

  • Qualities of the microentreprise’s entrepreneur
  • Competencies and skills of the microentreprise’s entrepreneur
  • Business plan
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal planning
  • Business networking : industry associations, bankers, CBDCS, Chamber of Commerce, accounting, buyers, industry champions, etc.
  • Support of the community and family
  • Succession planning: right time opportunities, value of the company, finance, fiscal and legal issues, closing the business

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